Moretz & Skufca, PLLC, provides representation and counsel to homeowner and condominium associations throughout the Charlotte metro area. We focus our practice on condominiums and townhomes, as well as single-family developments.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations are legal entities governed by residents. Homeowners associations allow property owners to make collective decisions about issues that affect their residential property. In organization and practice, HOAs resemble a localized form of government with board members and meetings to establish common policies on issues such as maintenance of common property, fees and restrictions on use of property (commonly known as covenants, conditions and restrictions).

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Representing Homeowners Associations

Sometimes, conflicts arise between homeowners associations and their members, and policies need to be enforced. Attorneys at Moretz & Skufca, PLLC, address many types of issues that homeowners associations and condominiums face:

  • Creating and amending association’s bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions
  • Enforce homeowner association rules and liens
  • Collect HOA dues
  • Provide legal counsel and guidance with regard to HOA rules and municipal rules
  • Review contracts with employees and vendors and insurance policies and made recommendations
  • Administer HOA elections and organize HOA meetings
  • Represent the board before local and state government agencies
  • File lawsuits against developers and construction contractors for faulty work

In addition to our services for homeowners associations, we also provide comprehensive real estate law and construction law representation and counsel.