In recent years, our population has become more and more transient. Many individuals now move across regions, states or even time zones to look for work or build a home from which to raise their children. When people move to North Carolina from other states, they may have another state’s court order already in place and will need to register their out-of-state order in North Carolina to have the intent of that order enforced by a North Carolina court. A Charlotte registering of foreign order lawyer can help with this process.

At Moretz & Skufca, PLLC, we are accustomed to answering complex family law questions for clients all over North Carolina. Whether your questions center on modification of family law orders, relocation or registering a foreign order in North Carolina, we can provide valuable insight into the matter.

Charlotte Child Visitation Rights Lawyer

Moving across state lines after a divorce can create complex situations for many individuals. People who need to move for their job have to also consider what that does to the agreed-upon parenting plan or current court orders. We suggest that you schedule a consultation with an attorney at our office as soon as possible to learn what your recommended next steps are.

Most often, registering foreign orders comes up when a modification is necessary. If your order was issued in California, you will not be able to modify the order until registering it in North Carolina. Registering your order, if permitted, in North Carolina allows you to deal with any issues locally rather than going back to California.